Daniel Cormier After UFC 226 A3 Edition Premium Print – Kevin Lynch Photography

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Become the proud owner of this ‘Daniel Cormier After UFC 226’ limited edition (1 of 25) photograph taken by Kevin Lynch, capturing the effect on an athlete’s appearance after participating in a bout.  

Kevin Lynch started working with UFC in 2002, when the sport was not as widely respected and enjoyed as it is today. Lynch aimed to document both the action and the athletes themselves, going on to create one of the most influential books in combat sports, Octagon. Lynch himself stated My goal was to honestly portray the beauty without glorifying violence.’ Lynch portrays what fans love about the sport – the action, the thrill, the talent and the athletes behind their tough exterior.  

Own this ‘Daniel Cormier After UFC 226’ artwork and celebrate your favourite athlete’s incredible UFC moments.  

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  • Official UFC memorabilia
  • Photography by Kevin Lynch
  • ‘Daniel Cormier After UFC 226’
  • A3 Size Print
  • Professionally framed
  • Official authenticated product
  • Limited edition (1 of 25)


55cmH X 75cmL x 2.5cmW approximately