Natalia Silva Signed Fight Issued Jersey - UFC Fight Night: Doldize vs. Imavov


The Brazilian, Silva, fought her compatriot, Araujo, in their first UFC Fight Night of the new year. Silva is one of the most in-form fighters of UFC at the moment. Silva took her opponent through all three rounds before winning the bout by unanimous decision.  

The bout took place at the UFC Apex facility, an arena operated by UFC in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area on February 3, 2024. Coming into the fight Silva was on a ten-fight winning streak. Having lost the first round, Silva was on the ropes (or chain-link fence), but the Brazilian fought back in the second and third round to bring the bout back to win by unanimous decision. A massively important win that pushes her win streak to eleven! Silva is already inside the top 10 ranked flyweight fighters, but this could push her closer to the top as she looks for a title fight in the future. 

In front of you is the fight issued jersey worn by the impressive fighter as she strode out towards the UFC Octagon. After the fight, Natalia Silva signed the jersey so a fan can own this very special jersey.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of fight issued and fight worn items. This is due to the items requiring sanitisation after events, and to allow for overseas shipping. 


  • Natalia Silva Fight Night Jersey
  • UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas
  • Fight Night Dolidze vs. Imavov
  • February 3, 2024