Rei Tsuruya 1-of-1 Signed Fight Gloves UFC 303: Pereira vs Prochazka

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Fans of Tsuruya should look no further! This is the ultimate collectible piece. 
The Fight 
UFC 303 saw a flyweight bout between Rei Tsuyura and Carlos Hernandez. Held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on June 29, 2024, it was among the most memorable. 
The Journey to the Octagon 
Rei Tsuruya is a promising UFC fighter known for their dynamic fighting style and strong grappling techniques. Competing in various weight classes, Tsuruya has garnered attention for their agility and strategic prowess in the octagon. With a growing record of victories, they continue to make strides in the MMA world, showcasing their potential as a formidable contender. 
Bringing The Action To You 
This is a chance for you to own a piece of the action. These are the very gloves that Tsurura wore in his bout. Now, these gloves have been signed by the superstar and it can be your memento of this fantastic occasion.  
Make It Yours 
These fight gloves, worn and signed by Tsuyura can be yours - just submit a closed bid.  
Our closed bidding service allows you to have a private, one-on-one experience with one of our experts. If you make the winning bid, they will then be in touch and confirm the final details of receiving your product. 

DISPATCH: Please allow 10-14 weeks for delivery of fight issued and fight worn items. This is due to the items requiring sanitisation after events, and to allow for overseas shipping.

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