UFC 194: Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor Canvas & Photo

Canvas & Photo from the Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor UFC 194 event

UFC 194: Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor Canvas & Photo

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Own this official piece of UFC memorabilia; this framed photograph captures the 2015 José Aldo VS Conor McGregor fight and features a hand-cut piece of canvas, which lined the Octagon during the fight. 

The fight took place on December 12, 2015. Mcgregor won the fight by KO/TKO after one round.   

This photograph was taken at the fight and now is accompanied by a piece of the canvas which Aldo and McGregor fought on in 2015. This Canvas & Photo comes professionally framed and ready to display. 

CODE: 150702-01760015

DISPATCH: 24 Hours


  • Official UFC Memorabilia
  • Hand-cut Canvas
  • Photograph taken at Aldo VS McGregor Fight
  • December 12, 2015
  • Official authenticated product


48cm X 50cm X 3.5cm [HxLxW]

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