UFC Mystery Box

UFC Mystery Box

UFC Mystery Box

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Get your hands on one of our NEW Mystery Boxes – containing an incredible bundle of official UFC memorabilia...and you may open it and get a surprise! 

Our Mystery Boxes allow fans to feel even closer to the sport, with the offer giving fans the chance to receive a piece of event worn eventwear (such as jerseys, hoodies, gloves or shorts), an autographed poster, two promo or event posters (not autographed) and three event programmes.  

And to top it off, with every Mystery Box you buy, you will have a 1 in 4 chance of the event worn eventwear you receive being replaced with a piece of eventwear from a Pay-Per-View event, as well as a 1 in 4 chance of the autographed poster you receive being from a Pay-Per-View event.  

This is an unmissable offer for any UFC fan.  

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity – buy a Mystery box and own UFC history, with the added chance of receiving authentic Pay-Per-View memorabilia.  

Please note: Each Mystery Poster package is chosen at random. 

CODE: 151103-01000000

DISPATCH: 24 Hours


  • Official UFC memorabilia
  • Mystery box
  • 1 piece of eventwear
  • 1 autographed poster
  • 2 promo or event poster (unsigned)
  • 3 event programmes
  • Boxes chosen at random
  • 1 in 4 chance of receiving Pay-Per-View memorabilia
  • Official authenticated product


Framed: 1140mm X 854mm (LxW)

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