Jack Della Maddalena 1 of 1 Signed Fight Issued Jersey UFC 299: O’Malley vs. Vera 2

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Fans of Jack should look no further! This is the ultimate collectible piece. 

The Fight 

UFC 299 saw a main-card bout between Jack Della Maddelena and Gilbert Burns. The two welterweight fighters made a fantastic fight in UFC. The bout was highly anticipated, a main card fight on one of the most stacked PPV fight cards meant that this was going to be big. Jack took the bout all the way into the third round before knocking out Burns with a combination of Knees and Elbows. The fight was such a strong showing from the Australian welterweight that he was awarded a performance of the night bonus. 

The Journey to the Octagon 

Jack Della Maddalena has had a fantastic run in UFC to date. With only two losses in his professional career, both of which came in his first two fights, the man seems unstoppable. Jack has fought in UFC a total of seven times, and in those seven, five have been bonus worthy.  

Coming into the bout, Jack was ranked no.11 in welterweight, compared to his opponent who was ranked no.4. This win will could elevate his name into a possible title contender. 

Bringing The Action To You 

This is a chance for you to own a piece of the action. This is the very fight issue jersey, worn by the athlete as he made his way to the famous Octagon. Jack Della Maddalena has now signed the jersey to make it into an incredibly special piece of memorabilia.  

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